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This article illustrates how drawings can be implemented in narrative family therapy with children.

This work primarily draws upon the narrative family therapy framework, but other family therapy ideas are also integrated. It will be argued in this article that non-verbal media, more specifically drawings, can contribute to alternative story development and the co-creation of joint family actions, whereby the family can achieve their preferred ways of living. First Anik explains how drawings can assist externalising conversations.

This is followed by a detailed description of the stance she takes as a family therapist, questions she asks, and how she focuses on relationships and interactions during the co-creation of drawings.
Anik also describe how positively implicating family members and enabling their active participation during this drawing process reinforces the change process. If family members have experienced problems similar to the ones the child is now struggling with, intergenerational and sibling alliances can also be created.
Finally Anik put theory into practice by providing the reader with a case example.

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